Before & After

Aleeya Belisle

Ricardo Brown is honestly a lifesaver! I work so much and never really have time to clean or organize, and as a a hairstylist, everything I own usually ends up in piles and stacks up. I'm always skeptical of having someone else coming to my house and touch my things. So, I never thought of giving a cleaning service a chance. They were professional, courteous,  and worked with my schedule. So, I definitely recommend this service to anyone out there that needs it! It's an amazing service and would love to do it again.

Daniel Martinez

It was a nice experience at a reasonable rate. My space now feels very cozy, with a lot of room to enjoy! Overall I was very impressed with the outcome as I was able to stay organized as I move around my apartment, keeping my life and things organized, on point and being able to track and stay consistent on my path! I'd call Jux again, for sure. So, bottom line: Jux Los Angeles is great!

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