I'm Ricardo, and this is my story...

Growing up, visiting my older brother’s house, who had an upward of 80 pairs of shoes, always kept them everywhere. His apartment was nice; a few paintings here, antique table coaster there, but the internal beauty was being usurped by the ‘’ collection ‘’ he kept in his common areas. 

Once, he told me to take 14 pairs of his shoes to a storage facility, where he kept all the others that weren't in his apartment. Being that I've never been there, I was surprised It was full of loads of boxes, along with everything else he deemed to keep worthy. I did my best and stuffed the boxes wherever they could fit.

Having some things I needed to stash one day, I called up my brother and told him I was headed to the storage to drop some things off. Once there, I had to convince myself not to organize the place.

 So, when that plan didn’t work out, I organized everything he had inside. Some days later, when we visited the facility together, I noticed the look on his face when he opened the storage door. It told me, although he didn’t want this done, he was happy with the results. His face also told me about my efforts where good ones.

Since then, I’ve taken the initiative to help others feel that sense of relief and clarity, knowing why something is there, why you’re keeping it and, mainly, where something is when you look for it. This has opened up the ability to help others feel find and know the questions to those answers.

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